Sort Code & Account Number Validation

Real-time Payment Validation of sort code and bank account number with
Modulus check, bank Directory lookup and Confirmation of Payee

Example: 560029 26207729


Integrate payment details validation into any of your applications with our simple yet powerful application program interface.

SORTware Web Interface

Accessible from any computer or mobile device, the web interface allows to perform validations from anywhere.

EISCD Data file

A specialized data file containing up to date directory listing of all sort codes and their respective banks and branches.

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Solutions offered

Providing data and automation solutions for companies aiming to validate electronic payment details for the UK and Ireland. SORTware service can perform specific mathematical checks for each bank branch to verify if an account number has been correctly associated to the bank sort code used in international or domestic payments.

Bank Account Validation

Validate payment details by performing formatting, structure and internal check digit and modulus algorithm checks.

Validate Sort Codes

Search the official sorting code directory for any sort code in the United Kingdom and retrieve the bank and branch details.

Payment Scheme Capability

Determine the supported payment systems for a given sort code. Detected payment systems are CHAPS, Faster Payments, CC&C and Direct Debit.

IBAN Calculation / Conversion

Our system can identify the BIC code and calculate the IBAN equivalent from a given United Kingdom sort code and account number combination.

Access to up-to-date data

By licensing data from official payment regulators and institutions, we ensure high accuracy in bank and branch code identification.

Data Automation

We have made every function of our services accessible via simple and fast REST based APIs to allow our clients to integrate and automate the solution in their process.

Institutions supporting Bank Account Validation

The following table provides a list of the largest banks in the United Kingdom which are using bank account modulus validation.

Allied IrishMetro Bank
Bank of EnglandNatWest
Bank of IrelandNationwide Building Society
Bank of ScotlandNorthern Bank
BarclaysRoyal Bank of Scotland
ClydesdaleTesco Bank
Co-Operative BankTSB
HalifaxUlster Bank
HSBCVirgin Bank
LloydsYorkshire Bank

Industries Served

Our services are being successfully employed by hundreds of companies in some of the largest global industries.

  • Insurance
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Government Agencies
  • Energy Providers
  • Foreign Exchange and Trading
  • Marketing Services
  • Accounting
  • Airline
  • Telecommunications
  • Software