Bank Account Verification

Bank Account Verification (BAV) also know as Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an automated software providing real-time name checking service for UK-based payments.

Verify the identity of a new or existing payee. Match the name and account details (sort code and account number) combination of beneficiary before make a payment.

  • Confirm the existence
  • Verify / Match the beneficiary's name immediately
  • Raise the level of transparency and security
  • Reducing fraud and avoid human errors

BAV key features

Confirmation of Payee API

Beneficiary Account Verification / Payer Match is a name checking service available via REST API for UK-based payments.

Access to Real-time data

Instant ownership confirmation of the legal owner's name and account number match the information

User Friendly WEB Interface

If your use case does not require API integration, you may use our web based portal to perform UK Bank Account validations.

Reducing fraud and avoid errors

Increase the level of security by protecting against fraud. Reduces misdirected payments caused by mistyping and formatting errors.

How Does Service Works!

The BAV service performs a few steps for each verification request.

Verification Request

You make a request to our service to verify the payee before initiating or collecting a payment. You provide the sort code, account number and account name.

Live Verification

We identify contact the issuing bank and verify the existance of the account and confirm if the name you provided matches the owner.


We return the results form the verification to you within a second confirming if correct or indicating if the name is a close match to what you entered.


We have designed a simple yet powerful REST API to allow seamless integration in all modern programming languages.

1,000 checks 980 GBP
5,000 checks 4,000 GBP
10,000 checks 7,000 GBP
20,000 checks 12,000 GBP

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