Products & Services

SORTware: Web & API

A service designed to validate United Kingdom and Ireland sort code and account numbers.

  • Unlimited Requests/Lookups
  • Unlimited Users
  • Bank account validation
  • Identify BIC from sort code
  • Identify bank, branch and address details
  • Calculate IBAN from sort code and account number

EISCD Data File

Up to date directory of United Kingdom sorting codes and their bank and branch details.

  • Over 20000 sort codes and 400 banks
  • Updated Weekly
  • Payment Scheme: CHAPS, Direct Debit, CC&C and FPS
  • Download Automation (via Web API & FTP)
  • Multiple formats supported: CSV, XLS, TXT and XML

BAV: Bank Account Verification

Confirmation of Payee (CoP) is an automated software providing real-time name checking service.

  • Confirm the existence
  • Verify / Match the beneficiary's name immediately
  • Raise the level of transparency and security
  • Reducing fraud and avoid human errors