Sort Code Checker

Example 401276, 60-92-42

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By submitting a sort code lookup in this tool, our system will find bank,building society or credit union information associated with it. System uses the official data source for the United Kingdom provided by BACS to validate the bank sort code.
We also provide the option to validate sort code and account number combination online via modulus check.

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What is a sort code?

The definition of a sort code (aka Sorting Code ) in the context of United Kingdom and Ireland's bank industry and payments is a six-digit number, usually formatted as three pairs of numbers, for example 12-34-56. This code is used by UK banks and payment institutions to identify other banks in order to route payments correctly to recipient accounts. In Ireland, a sort code is known as the NSC or national sort code and is regulated by IPSO (Irish Payment Services Organization). Although sort codes in both countries have the same format, they are regulated by different authorities as each country has its own banking system.

Identify bank information

We are able to identify the following information about bank or branch

  • Bank
  • Branch/Office and contact
  • BIC
  • Address
  • Country
Identify Payment Scheme

We also identify Payment Scheme Support for UK banks and institutions

  • BACS
  • Direct Debits
  • Faster Payments
  • C&CCC Payments

If found in the bank directory, the sort code checker returns the bank name, branch, address and payment and other clearing system information. We also will check the SWIFT code associated with the sort code which is used in the IBAN for international bank payments.

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We also offer validation for International Bank Account Number (IBAN) structure and length, identify the bank owning this account, BIC code and address at IBAN checker

Bank Sort Code Examples

Sort CodeInstitution Name
090128Santander Bank
070436Nationwide Building Society
236972Prepay Technologies
230580Metro Bank
040004Monzo Bank
040075Modulr Finance (Revolut)
040026N26 Bank
087199Aps Financial
608371Starling Bank
083210Government Banking (Hmrc Direct Taxes)
774926Lloyds Bank
110001Halifax (Bank of Scotland)
166300Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
609104Standard Chartered Bank
606004National Westminster Bank (Natwest)

Sort Codes only used within IBAN

Recently, we have observed a fairly non standard range of sorting codes which start with 00. These sort codes are only used within the IBAN account numbers for incoming international Euro transfers. For example, Avuba prepaid Euro accounts, held with Raphaels Bank UK had IBANs resembling GBcc RAPH 0099 98nn nnnn nn, where the sort code would be 00-99-98. Another case, where Revolut prepaid card accounts have IBANs resembling GBcc REVO 0099 70nn nnnn nn the sort code would be 00-99-70.

Sort CodeInstitution Name
009970Revolut Ltd
009963myPOS Europe Ltd
009972ePayments Systems Ltd
009971Clear Junction Ltd
009985PrePay Technologies Ltd

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