SORTware: Sort Code Checker & Bank Account Validation

Automated software providing real-time Payment Validation for bank accounts and sorting codes. Perform multiple input validation and bank identification procedures with a single API call. Easy to integrade in any existing payroll system like SAP or others.

  • Unlimited lookups / Unlimited users
  • Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Browser based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Bank Account Modulus Validation
  • Bulk/Batch bank account validation
  • Payment Scheme Detection
  • Convert bank account to IBAN and BIC format

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SORTware key features

SORTware is an online service developed to provide reliable Payment Validation for United Kingdom bank accounts and sorting codes. The SORTware system allows you to perform both check digit validation and bank directory lookup at the same time.

Bank Account Validation

A number of validations are performed, especially modulus check digit calculation on the sort code and account number to ensure they are correct.

Bank Details Identification

Lookup in the official sort codes directory provides bank and branch name, address, BIC code. The data is updated weekly to ensure high accuracy.

IBAN Conversion / Calculation

We will also calculate the IBAN equivalent of the sort code and account number you submit. The BIC code is also identified from the official directory.

Payment Scheme Capability

Identifying which payment schemes are supported by the specific bank and branch. We can identify Direct Debit, CHAPS, FPS and CC&C payment support by branch.

How Does SORTware Service Works!

We have designed a multi stage process to ensure highest possible data validation without having to perform multiple API calls or requests. Below we have described what happens when you make a validation request to our system.

Input Validation

At the first step we check for illegal characters, length, structure and check digit.

Bank Directory Lookup

We identify the issuing bank by checking the sort code in the official bank directory.

BIC Identification

We identify the BIC code associated with the specific bank and branch.

Payment Scheme

At this step we identify if the sort code supports FPS, Direct Debit, CHAPS or CC&C payments.

IBAN Calculation

We use all the information gathered to calculate an IBAN from the sort code and account number.

Compile the Report

The system returns all the information in a single easy to read response to the customer. All that in under half a second.

Automated Validation

We have designed a simple yet powerful REST API to allow seamless integration in all modern programming languages.

API integration

Making Payment Validation easy for both man and machine was our initial goal in creating the SORTware service. Manual use of our validation system is intuitive with the Web Interface. Simply login and enter sort code and account number data or perform sort code directory search only. The REST API provides modern and simple way to integrate the service in your back-end or production system. Our developers have prepared code samples which can help you to make use of the API in minutes.

Technical Specifications

SORTware web portal

Browser based web portal with Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Automated Sort Code Checker & Bank Account Validation UK

Our clients have found this service useful in some of the following scenarios:

  • User Input Validation - Check for correct bank details upon client entry in your corporate application. This way businesses can ensure a high success rate of future payments.
  • Live Payment Validation - Validate existing bank account and sort code data prior to processing outgoing payments.
  • Data cleansing - Use the APIs and Bulk Validation interface to clean existing payment details from invalid or junk data.
  • User Input auto-complete - Once a user submits sort code and account number, our system can help you auto-populate bank details such as bank name, branch, BIC code and more.
  • Compliance - Helps businesses comply to resolution 092/05 issued by the European Payments Council regarding mandatory use of BIC and IBAN

Data Quality

We understand the importance of reliable data sources when processing payments. We have licensed the Extended Sort Codes Directory issued by VocaLink to ensure our service provides accurate and up to date information for the UK payment industry. The EISCD data is updated weekly from BACS to avoid stale and outdated records.

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