EISCD Data File: Sort Codes Directory

Provides a copy of the Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory (EISCD) containing bank and branch information along with sort codes any Payment Schemes provided by BACS.

  • Around 20 000 sort codes and 400 banks
  • Updated Weekly or Monthly
  • Download Automation (via Web API & Secure FTP)
  • Manual Download via Web Portal Interface
  • Multiple formats supported: TXT, XML, CSV and XLS
EISCD database – sort codes directory uk

Benefits & Key Features

The Sorting Codes Database is a vital utility aimed for any company which processes electronic payments.

It gives businesses a fast and easy way to validate sort code details and find bank and branch contact information.

Some of the main use cases of our clients include:

  • Electronic payment routing. Reduce the risks and costs of failed payments by ensuring proper payment routing.
  • Optimize payment flow. Correct BIC code for direct branch payments.
  • Validating user input. Matching existing sort code to the EISCD entries ensures error free customer relations.

The Sort Codes database contains extended details about a given branch and institution.
Some of the vital peaces of information are:

  • Bank Office Identifier (BIC/sort code)
  • Branch/bank office title
  • Contact details (Postal addresses/telephone numbers/email addresses)
  • Details of which clearing systems each bank office participates in: Bacs, Faster Payments,CHAPS,Cheque & Credit Clearing

Data Integration

The EISCD Data File is available in multiple formats and comes with detailed documentation. Standardized formatting allows for quick assimilation in most common DBMS and data software solutions.

  • Updates

    Both Monthly and Weekly updates are available depending on your accuracy requirements

  • Accessibility

    A user friendly download center allows you to download the files from anywhere

  • Automation

    We provide a download API for our clients to automate the file retrieval process

  • Compatibility

    The data file comes in standard CSV ( Tab Separated ) format. However, we convert it into various file formats for easier integration. Currently, each download contains ( TXT, XML, CSV and .XLS) copies

Extended industry sort codes directory – eiscd files download

Download options

Different systems require different file downloading methods. To provide maximum flexibility, we offer the three common ways to download the EISCD files.


Download the EISCD files from a secure web interface using any web browser


Download the EISCD files automatically via our REST file download API

Secure FTP

Download the EISCD files automatically from secure FTP Server (SSL/TLS Ecryption)