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Automated Downloads API

Developer Integration Reference

This API is part of our EISCD data file service

1. Overview

The EISCD file download API provides an easy way to automate downloading the updates for your EISCD database.
With a single REST call you can initiate an HTTPS download of the latest available file.

2. Features

The EISCD Download endpoint supports two actions:

  • list - This action provides a list of the available files such as file name, file creation date and md5 sum.
  • get - This action initiates a download of the latest available EISCD file.

3. API Usage

The accepted parameters are listed in the table below:

Field Name Length Type Description
action 4 String As described above this value could be 'list' or 'get' depending on the action you need to initiate
api_key 128 String Your personal API key used to secure access to the system.

Inside your Client Area -> API Access section you can find your API key, which is used to identify your account during API requests.

An example GET request to the download API can be:

4. API Response Structure

An example response to the 'list' action could be seen below:

		<time>September 06 2019</time>

Below, you can find detailed descriptions of the types of data elements returned in each individual data object:

Description of the 'file' object
Field Name Length Type Description
name 128 String The name of the file.
time 20 String This is the file creation date. This date indicates when we have published the file on our server.
md5 32 String This is the MD5 sum of the file contents. It can be used to verify the integrity of the downloaded file after the transfer is completed.

5. Download API errors

The download API can respond with a number of error messages listed below:

Error Message Cause Solution
API Key is invalid You have supplied an incorrect API key Log in to your Client Area -> API Access section and obtain your personal API key
Subscription expired Your license has expired You need to renew your membership for the EISCD service. You can do this from your Client Area -> My Services section.
You have no access to this API You do not have a valid license for the EISCD service You need to purchase a license for the EISCD service. You could do this from your Client Area -> Purchase Plans section.
No downloads available There are no files available for download This usually appears very shortly after you have purchased a license. Once, we have processed your order the EISCD file will appear in your account.
You have already downloaded the latest copy of the database. Our server tracks the downloads and notifies you to prevent you from downloading the same file. No action required. You may attempt another download at a later date when a new file (update) is available for download.