EISCD SOAP API (Extended Sort codes & Account Validation)


The Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory is a constantly updated directory of sorting codes and branch information for the United Kingdom.
As an authorized reseller of VocaLink, our company has developed a payment validation software which uses this directory as it's main data source.
The EISC SOAP API is a system developed for compliant integration in enterprise systems.
This service offers access to our payment validation features and the Sort Codes Database through the widely used SOAP protocol.


The EISCD API provides information from the directory in it's original format. The main benefit from this service is quick and easy access to the full details of the sort codes directory.
Having the ability to generate an IBAN from UK sort code and bank account number combination is an additional advantage in processing international payments. The extreme level of detail provided by the EISCD is available for integration in almost every programming language.

Key Features

With a single SOAP API call you can perform any of the following actions:

- Retrieve full EISCD record
- Search by sort code
- Generate IBAN
- Validate Sort Code & Account Number
- Search by IBAN


We had developed the EISCD API with ease of access and flawless integration in mind. This API is available via the SOAP protocol only to ensure transaction safety and cross-platform compatibility.

Supported methods can be seen at:

WSDL Schema can be seen at:

For a detailed descriptions of the fields in the EISCD database, please reffer to EISCD File Specification