SortWare (Sort codes API & Web Interface)


SortWare is an online service developed to provide reliable Payment Validation for United Kingdom bank accounts and sorting codes. The SortWare system allows our clients to perform both check digit validation and bank directory lookup at the same time. With ease of access in mind, we have created a secure web interface for manual use and an API for software automation.


Our simple web interface allows you to quickly validate sort codes and account number combinations via the mathematical check digit algorithms.
Bank directory lookup is performed instantly and bank and branch details are returned along with the validation results.
By hosting the solution on our server, we are able to handle database update and eliminate file download and database import procedures for you.

By managing payment validation data for your company, we allow you to :
* Stay compliant
Always use the latest industry bank directory.
* Reduce Bank Fees
Identify correct branch and BIC for recipients will decrease routing fees and failed transactions.
* Streamline Payment Flow
Analyze history of payments through the API to discover payment failure rates.
* Improve Customer Relations
Validate User Input and autocomplete bank details.

Key Features

SortWare has been developed to provide only the key essential details while validating. By submitting sort code and account number to our system, you will receive the following results:

* Modulus Check Digit Validation
Ensures you have a correctly typed in sort code and account number.
* IBAN Generation
Converts a sort code and account number into an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
* Identify Institution
Searching the sort code in the Extended Industry Sort Codes Directory we identify:
- Bank Name
- Bank Branch
- Bank Branch Address and Phone
- Bank BIC
- Chaps BIC
- Local Payment Schemes Support:
- Direct Debits
- FPS Payments
- CCC Payments

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The demo for UK and Ireland bank account validation. Supported information for bank code is available at sort code checker.


Making Payment Validation easy for both man and machine was our initial goal in creating the SortWare service.
Use of our validation system is intuitive with the Web Interface.
Simply login and enter sort code and account number data or perform sort code directory search only.
The API is REST based providing modern and simple way to integrate the system in your back-end or production system.
Documentation for the SortWare API can be found at:

API Developer Documentation


The SortWare service uses the Extended Industry Sort Codes Database ( EISCD ) provided by VocaLink. Sort Codes Directory is updated weekly as per regulating body guidelines.